Missing Results? Read This

Our aim is to show all Marathon results for all runners. However, we are not perfect. In some cases, you will find that some of your results are missing. Here we shall explain what are the reasons for that and how this problem can be solved.

The Obvious

It might sound obvious but if a result is misssintg from your listing, it might be because of two reasons:

  1. The result is not in our database
  2. The result appears in the database but is not shown with your results

But, how do you know if a result is in the database if you can't find it? Just read the next section. Later, we shall explain what to do in each case.

Find Your Event

In most cases, people remember some details about the event in which they participated. For example: one might remember running in the 2005 Amsterdam Marathon. So, the question is: do we have the results of the Amsterdam Marathon of 2005? You can answer this question easily. Just search "Event Amsterdam" in the search box.

This search will give you a list of Marathon series and events that are somehow related to Amsterdam. Click on the "Amsterdam Marathon" link and you'll see a list of all the editions we have results for. If your event is not in this list, it means that we don't have results for it. For example: we don't have results for the Amsterdam Marathon of 1989.

Note: In some cases, we don't have a full list of all the results of a specific event. It might happen that we have just few of the results. For example, this is the case for 1990 Amsterdam Marathon. In these cases, it might happen that your result is not among the ones that we have.

My Event is Missing

If you know that your event is missing (or that we have just some of its result), just contact us and notify about it. We take the issue of missing events seriously and we will do our best to find them. If we can't do that, we can use a data that you might have. For example: a finisher certificate or even a paper clip.

My Event is in the Database

If youe event is in our database, but your result is missing, the most probable cause is that you were listed under a different name than the one you're usually using. This might happen in several scenarios:

MarathonView is built to handle these cases. After registring to the site, you can fine tune the list of your results. You can specify alternate names that will cover all your results.
For example: Suppose that your name is "David King". You can specify "Dave King" as alternate name and from now on, you will see results for both names in your page.

Still Puzzled?

Please contact us. We will be more than happy to answer any question.